"black folks have, from slavery on, shared in conversation with one another a ‘special’ knowledge of whiteness gleaned from close scrutiny of white people"
bell hooks 1992

The Facts | My Theory

Collected thoughts and essays behind this online project.

The Facts of Whiteness


About the Author

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The Blog

Some of the cultural references behind my own sense of whiteness.

The Blog


“[By] ‘white supremacy’ I do not mean to allude only to the self-conscious racism of white supremacist hate groups. I refer instead to a political, economic, and cultural system in which whites overwhelmingly control power and material resources, conscious and unconscious ideas of white superiority and entitlement are widespread, and relations of white dominance and non-white subordination are daily re-enacted across a broad array of institutions and social settings”
Ansley, 1997

This blog hopes to draw together not just my influences, but also other voices that are pertinent to the debate.

From the movies to mass shootings, football to fashion, high-life to hiphop; here are some ongoing observations that serve as suitable, sometimes entertaining, occasionally uncomfortable illustrations. Enjoy